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DUO America Mission

DUO America is an exclusive matchmaking service for Korean-Americans.


DUO America is a specialized matchmaking and marriage service. DUO has been the premier Korean-American marriage consulting service for more than 25 years in the US and for over 30 years in Korea.


Many people ask, “Why do I need help from a professional matchmaker to find someone to marry?”


By utilizing our vast resources, you will save your time and energy and have more to invest in yourself. As you know, life and love are often all about timing. Our experienced couple managers would love to help you find your perfect life partner.


Our couple managers provide detailed services and assist you in finding the right person. Many of our DUO America members are 1.5, 2nd or 3rd generation Korean-Americans. In addition, you may even decide to go to Korea to meet our Korean members since we have many more members there.

Finding the RIGHT person is crucial. They will not only be your partner but also the parent of your children and a member of your household. Let DUO America help you find the ideal person to build your future with.

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