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To be dazzling

Hye-ja Kim, Who is the senior actress, gave her speech of winning the award. She said “My life was sometimes unhappy and sometimes happy. Life is only a dream, but it was good to be alive. You have a hard life now. Now that you’re born in this world, you deserve everything every day. Life is worth living, even if it’s not a big day and a small day comes. Don’t ruin the present with a past full of regrets and a future full of anxiety. Love today. Till one’s eyes are blindingly you deserve it. To someone’s mother, someone who was a daughter, and who was me.”

There is also another famous line in her show is “Hello! Today’s weather is very bright. When did you move in? Me? I was… When did I move here? It was a happy day… Well, it’s not a big day and I was just happy. If the whole town smells like cooking, I don’t put rice in the pot. And then let’s go out to the yard with our son, who was just beginning to walk. Then, the sunset is far away. That was the happiest time. That’s when…” It was a remark that touched my heart. When I’ve lived my life, I’ve been running fast at the speed of light, and I’ve been looking back at the time. It wasn’t a month of extra pay for my husband’s over-time. It wasn’t the day I bought the designer bag I wanted. It wasn’t the day I ate expensive wine and fancy food in a nice restaurant. It wasn’t a day to go on a comfortable trip. It wasn’t the day my son got into a good job. Nor was the ring given as a wedding gift upgraded to a slightly larger size.

When I was happy, I thought it was now. My legs are strong so far, so I am happy to ride the elevator and go up and down the stairs. My teeth are strong, so I’m happy about can eat anything and when I go on a backpacking trip, I feel excited and my heart is pounding and fluttering. When I see flowers, I feel very emotional so that I can think of them as pretty. I can see the blue sky with clear eyes, rape flowers in spring, dense trees in summer, and fallen leaves in autumn. In winter, I can see white snow, and I can hear wind and birdsong because I have good hearing, so I think I am happy now.

Living up, I think people are all the same. The most important thing is health, and it is also the conclusion that happiness should have a half share. More and more young people are thinking about whether to get married or not. As work is getting busy, they work in a high-paying job, they have to work that much, and have a lot of stress. So I like people who are ordinary but have good personality. Also, I like parents who say that they have a hard time finding a mate for their children and say something warm.

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