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Matching System

Our Advanced Matching System

DUO USA has been providing an advanced matching system to help our members find their ideal one since 1999.
This is how it works from member registration by finding your perfect match.


1. Free Consultation

We provide the initial consultation service free of charge. This can be in person or by phone, email or text.


2. Get Informed

We provide the initial consultation service free of charge. This can be in person or by phone, email or text.


3. Membership

1. Complete Data Form
You can complete the data form online, by visiting our office or by emailing us. This form should be as detailed as possible since it is the basic information that drives each match.

2. Verification
You must submit documents for verification including identification, marriage history, education history, and employment history.
Upon receiving all necessary information and photos, we will then create a member profile for you on the DUO Matching System.


4. Matching

Throughout the term of your membership, your couple manager will present you with carefully selected potentials from DUO’s member database.
Your couple manager will also provide your profile to other select members for review.
We utilize a 2-step matching system with membership and meeting events.


5. Meeting Up

When both parties would like to meet, we’ll help to arrange your first date.


6. Dating

After your first date, both parties will give feedback back to their couple managers regarding the date.
If the date did not work out well, your couple manager will continue providing member profiles to you until you enter into an exclusive relationship** or reach the end of your membership term.
If you enter into an exclusive relationship with someone at DUO or outside of DUO during your membership term, we put your profile on hold and stop the clock. If the relationship does not work out your profile will be reactivated.


7. Marriage

Upon marriage, your account will be closed!

The great thing about DUO services, unlike online dating apps, is that each member is assigned to his or her own couple manager who will work together with the member throughout the entire membership term to determine the member’s ideal type. Members share their feedback after reviewing profiles (ie: “He’s cute!” OR “I don’t think our personalities match that well”) and after each date as well (ie: “She was nice but I think she’s boring” OR “We communicated really well, would love to see him again!”) With each feedback, your couple manager will adjust your file and continue sending you even more well-matched profiles. Having your own personal couple manager gives you the advantage to stop dating the wrong people and focus on dating the right ones.


During the membership, DUO’s couple manager will continue to interact and follow up with members to get detailed feedback. We provide the most effective and prompt matching service based on what members want. As a result, many couples have gotten married after being members at DUO and they are now living with their happy families.

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