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DUO USA hosts 2022 Holiday Event

Duo USA, an exclusive matchmaking service company, announced the ‘Duo Holiday Event’, which will be on Thursday, December 22. 20 single men and 20 single women (40 total) will be invited to this event, which will be held at The LINE LA, one of the finest hotel in Koreatown. Duo USA will host this event for the first time in three years due to Covid-19 pandemic. They have been looking forward to this event for a long time, and they are working hard to make it so that attendees can find their own partners.

The Duo have hosted many events for single men and women, and their goal is to make single men and women find their ideal type, start a relationship, and tie the knot. Since the opportunity to interact with people hasn't been the same since the pandemic, there have been a lot of inquiries. Over the past couple years, many Korean people who are 1.5 generation (Koreans who immigrated to the United States as children), and second generation, are looking for Duo services.

Duo USA reported that first-generation parents, who have children who are old enough to marry, worry that it is harder to meet significant others. Some parents are stressed about their children’s marriage, and for single men and women, they worry about not finding a good match, and not getting married soon. Many people are interested in Duo because they hope they can find an ideal type from Duo, who has been working professionally in this field for twenty-six years. Through this event, Duo USA will focus on making opportunities for meeting and connection between young Korean single men and women. Duo has hosted this event for almost two decades, and there was a lot of feedback about this event, such as that they realized there are a lot of Korean people in the United States, and they were very pleased by Duo’s holiday event. After dinner, the participants will have a chance to meet people, get to know each other.

"It's so popular that some people have to sign up for waitlists because it's a limited number of attendees," said Lee Jenifer, manager of Duo USA. She also encouraged people to enjoy this holiday event, and get hopes up high that there is a possibility that one can meet their partners. The duo USA has devoted their time for 26 years to make a good match, and has made a lot of successful matchmaking. Since there are many English-speaking members, Duo USA also provides an English manager as well. Marriage is so important, and it is not only a relationship between individuals, but also a relationship between family, too. A lot of second generation people ask questions to Duo, and want to get the help of someone who is working professionally in the matchmaking field. Duo has gained a lot of trust by giving dating tips during the matching process, and helped members make good choices from Duo’s exclusive experience.

Duo USA said that they would like to get a lot of calls about this event, and hope that people can find their own partner through this event.

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