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Mother who likes Henri Matisse’s work

One day, I received a call from Korea. She has a marriageable age daughter who works for a venture pharmaceutical company. She graduated from a famous pharmacy school in New York, and now she has a job, but she is very busy and hard to find good person. I need professional help.

After counseling by phone we started chat by messenger to process quickly. On her profile, there is a background picture of a woman in black clothes, with strong red, pleasant and warm colors. Mrs. Lee, Whose painting is the background? It’s Henri Matisse’s work. I don’t know about painting but love his painting. When I went to New York, I visited Metropolitan Museum and I saw Henri Matisse’s painting. It was very impressed. Then I visited MOMA to look for his Work.

The moment I saw the yellow fruit, the red tablecloth, the woman in black, and the green garden cobalt-colored sky painted colorful outside the window, I liked her. I started to talk with her comfortably and we talked about many things.

When I visited Korea, I put it on the first list that I really wanted to meet her. I contacted her, and she lived in Gwangju, Jeolla-do. She takes Express bus to meet me.

She’s so good at looking after herself that I believed her, but she couldn’t find her mate. She may be lucky to meet a mate, but your daughter still asks you to look for her. You should try to have a chance to meet through us, one of your mother’s methods. From now on I will contact to your daughter and introduce some profiles. So Please don’t ask to her about what’s going on, please ask to me sometimes.

After came back from Korea, I contacted her to send email address and profile picture. She is very beautiful and has an incredibly attractive appearance. She was modest, gentle when talking on the phone, and not the daughter she told her mother. I introduced the person I was thinking about, and they agreed to meet on the weekend in New York, and I already had a good feeling that it was my third date this Wednesday.

Henri Matisse reminded me of a famous saying that art should be like an armchair to rest after a difficult day.

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