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A cup of warm milk

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

After a major traffic accident on the freeway 10 years ago, I have tried to use only local streets or public transportation. One Saturday a leader of my marathon community called me and told me that our team would be meeting in Irvine at 4am. Sunday morning. It had been a while since I had run with my marathon colleagues so I was very excited. After getting up early and getting ready, I was on the road. The freeway was dark and after driving for about 10 minutes, I became afraid of the heavy trucks that were driving so fast and the road construction that seemed to be everywhere. I started sweating and was even sweating on my palms! I couldn’t seem to get out of the way or even get in another lane because I was so scared and nervous. I drove slowly and knew that I was going to be late for the meeting.

I got off the freeway and called my coach. I told him that I would be too late to start together and asked him go without me as I just wanted to go back home. I was crying and still felt nervous and scared. My coach said he would come to get me and we would all go up together. I was so thankful and sorry for those who waited and I promised to treat everyone to dinner someday soon.

I thought that I might lose my way in the beginning of the run. As I began to run one step at a time and enjoy the early fresh air and sea breeze I began to feel better. But I was still shaken and frightened to think that I would need to drive home again. My mind kept having thoughts of running out of gas and driving the freeway again.

I drove for almost an hour after I left and soon I found myself back in my friendly neighborhood. It had been such a long day when I finally parked in my garage at home. When I went inside, my husband asked me how my driving and my day was. He seemed like he had been worried about me a little bit as he usually took me here and there when I asked. I felt so grateful and was so happy to be home with my husband.

As I get older and more mature, I still have a husband and grown kids which makes me so happy and thankful. I made up my mind that I will do my best and be nice to my family.

Although the marriage of the couple is said to meet the enemies of the previous life, it is good to see the married couples living happily together for a long time. After my husband heard about my suffering on the freeway, he said that he would be very happy to take me from now on so I would not have to drive alone. Then he offered me a glass of warm milk to drink. We held the warm milk glass together and it made my heart as warm as the milk.

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