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Updated: Mar 1, 2021

In May 2017, my friend from school contacted me to find a spouse for a 45-year-old son. She has been waiting for her son’s marriage for a long time. She asked me to find a good daughter-in-law because she was concerned about his marriage. When I received a son’s picture and profile, he looked very neat with a boyish-looking. He also worked as an engineer with a secure salary, so he was a great man except for his age. I told her that I wanted to contact him directly without her. When I contacted him, he could not speak Korean well. Because of it, he wanted to meet 2nd or 1.5 generation of Korean immigrants. He also wanted to meet someone who lived in Los Angeles or Orange County. I suggested some women to meet his conditions. Unfortunately, it was not successful. Three months passed by quickly.

Later on, when I found a 1.5 generation Korean American dentist who was living in Texas, I recommended her to him. But he refused to meet her because he had no plan to relocating to Texas, and he did not want to waste time on long-distance dates.

Knowing that I had no chance to introduce both, I was given a second chance and I proceed it. I was told that if the women visited LA then he said he would meet her. Next, I contacted her to come to LA and she took a flight by the following weekend. After the first date, they said they were not sure that they were the right person for each other. One of the issues was that she seemed to be more familiar with speaking in Korean than English, although she is 1.5 generations. This affected the first date.

Despite all this, they kept in contact with each other continuously and as a result, they started a long-distant date. They had been dating for a year but her mother called me and said that this dating was a waste of time. I called my friend and asked what was going on. She said his son might think about marriage seriously although he did not mention it.

Another six months passed. I asked his mother if they are still dating or not. She said that he proposed to her with a diamond ring which he bought 20 years ago. And he gave it to her to propose for marriage. His mother asked for my help to find a wonderful wedding hall. On the busy Monday after Independence Day, his mother called me and sent me a picture of her son proposing to his dream girl.

His father persuaded him to marry her in November because everyone is busy at the end of the year. They set a wedding date in November. She said I can’t believe her eldest son is getting married and she was so happy and filled with joy. She appreciated me for all that I have done for her.

To those who are still looking for a relationship, I will support you. If you want to share any good stories, please let me know I would love to hear it!!!!

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