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A movie-like story

A mother called me with happy voice from Korea and said that her son brought a beautiful Korean woman home and her family surprised with excitement and joy. She told me that even though the woman was born in US, she spoke perfect Korean and wrote her a beautiful thank you note in Korean after a family dinner. She said that they seemed to suit each other very well and that her son told her that they met on DUO USA, “that place that you like mom.”

The woman lived in Texas and the son lived in San Francisco. They were texting and getting to know each other after they were matched by DUO USA. When he visited Seoul for his Academy Seminar she also visited Seoul to see her grandmother. They saw each other in Seoul and continued to see each other after they came back to the US. I had contacted him  to send him a new profile of a different woman but he said he didn’t want to see anybody else at that time. His mom really liked his girlfriend and had these comments: “My older son was married to a European woman and they divorced. My daughter is married to a foreigner but lives on the east coast. I have been praying for a Korean daughter-in-law all year long.”

She expressed her appreciation to me for all of the time and effort that I had put into finding a match for her son and sent me some eye cream to remove the winkles that my laugh brought. One day as I was putting the eye cream on my face, I told my husband about this story. My husband told me that I didn’t need any eye cream but that he’d like to use the cream for his eye winkles. These days it seems that my husband takes better care of his skin than I do!

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