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2019 DUO USA EVENT Epilogue

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

I have been planning this event about 6 months ago. As I prepare food, venue, music and so on with excitement, December is just around the corner. Members from New York, Georgia, San Jose and even including Texas will be gathered one by one with excitement and Joy. On the event day, I had a member from San Jose said that he will be running late due to delay because his flight will not depart in the next 4 hour. I was worried but he arrived just in time and his entrance was just phenomenal. I also had a member who arrived late because she had a procedure with her patient but I was so glad to see her make it to the event a little later. I was so surprised to see her other than her profile picture. She had such beautiful skin and her first impression reminded me of a K-POP star IU. She was so beautiful.

Soon after, when I saw the rest of my members in person, each member was so handsome, beautiful and polite. Hidden gem is what I would like to describe all of them. I was touched when I saw so many educated and beautiful members sit at the table and doing their absolute best to introduce themselves and enjoy their evening together. I was so proud of DUO USA and its popularity which gave the opportunity to so many talented single Korean and Korean Americans. It left me with a smile when all of our female candidates came up to me and asked me that the next event should be longer than 5 hours because they are having such a great time at the event!

One of our successful couple games was “Finding your partner’s character such as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse”. We also had gift exchange during the event which helped break the ice and helped our members become closer. Sometimes, after the event, 7 couples were born and listening to all the heartwarming words like “Thanks to you, we had a great time”, “You had put too much effort into this”, and “Don’t push yourself too hard” helped me feel so much better from this flu and cold has fallen off. I will collect and listen to all feedback and take each one into consideration. This will help me prepare another successful event for 2020 and hope to beat my 2019 couple matching record.

2019 Thank you for everything.

2020 Bring it on!

DUO USA Always be there for your love.

듀오 USA는, 6개월전부터 이벤트 장소 섭외. 음식. 프로그램. 음악 등을 설레는 마음으로 준비를 하다 보니 12월달이 금방 다가 왔다. 손꼽아 기다리는 뉴욕 회원님. 조오지아 거주 회원님. 텍사스 회원님, 산호세 회원님을 비롯 하여 한분 한분씩 설레는 마음으로 엘에이로 모이셨다.

산호세 회원님은 비행기가 4시간째 안뜨고 있다고 이벤트 시간이 늦어질수 있다고 조마 조마 하셔서, 걱정을 하고 있었는데 식사시간을 맞추어서 짠 하고 등장 하신 회원님.환자 수술로 인해서 늦게 오신 회원님은 사진 에서 보다가 실물을 보니 아이유처럼 피부가 하얗고 이뻐서 깜짝 놀랬다.

회원님들을 직접 보니깐 사진 보다 다들인물이 좋고, 예의도 바르고, 숨어있는 보석 같은 회원님들 이셨다. 학벌. 외모등이 빠지지 않으신분들이 짝을 만나기 위해서 최선을 다하시는 모습을 보니 마음이 짠 했지만, 이렇게 만남의 기회를 만들어준 듀오USA가 자랑스러웠다.

즐겁고 신나는 5시간이 몹시 아쉬워 하면서 다음에는 좀더 시간을 달라고 얘교있게 말씀 하시는 여성 회원님들. 캐릭터를 찾으면서 짝을 찾는 회원님들 준비한 선물을 주고 받으면서 친해진 회원님들.

무려 7커플이 탄생이 되었고, 실장님, 어제 이밴트하시는라 고생이만나십니다. 덕분에 즐거운시간보내서요. 너무 무리하시지나세요. 한국말도 어설프게 문자를 보내주신 회원님 덕분에

지독한 감기도 떨어졌다.이벤트 끝나고 회원님들이 충고 해주는 한마디 한마디를 귀담아 듣고

2020년 이벤트는 준비를 더 많이 해서 많은 커플 탄생을 시켜야 겠다고 마음을 준비 하면서,

2019년 탱.


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